Creativity and Inspiration
for an International Event

Case Studies:
Youtube Music Leads Offsite

Event Engagement Ideas


Promote creativity and inspiration through unique spaces and experiences. Find the perfect venue within a selected area for the leadership team to hold their meetings as well as a proper space to showcase local bands considering their unique riders.


Develop a concept introducing the Mexican culture to the brand allowing the colors, flavors and textures to inspire the team. Select an authentic space for the meetings with a casual seating setup to promote creativity as well as the right venue for the showcase of local bands.


A colonial house was chosen as the venue for meetings and meals. The place was completely transformed with traditional Mexican décor, accents and furniture according the space (meals and meetings) for visual stimulation. There was a permanent snack station to invigorate the tasting buds through different spices, textures and flavors from local cuisine of different states. The bands showcase took place at a beautiful rooftop overseeing the city, which was the perfect space to accommodate each of the bands’ needs considering the different music genres.


The team opened up to new ideas as each individual felt inspired to share their creative thoughts in such ambiance. Positive feedback was received from the leaders regarding the experience causing excitement and anticipation for the next meetings.


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