Engaging activities for a product launch

Case Studies: Cartier, Product Launch

Experiential Event Marketing


Plan, produce and execute an exhibition in Miami featuring four new products inspired by time, wishes and love. Additionally, the goal was to design and produce individual spaces for each product, portraying elegance, individuality and personality according to the different guidelines.


The evening hosted Cartier’s 120 biggest Latin American retailers to product launches and a seated dinner.

The products were presented with high standards while adding a digital, innovative experience and engaging activities throughout the evening. It was expected to be captivating, entertaining and unique.


A beautiful space overlooking the water with floor-to-ceiling windows was chosen as the venue. It was divided in two with half the room dedicated to the showroom and the other half to the dinner. The plain space was completely transformed and produced with intricate, unique displays for the featured: leather, eyewear, jewelry, and watch products that were launched during the event. Each space and display enhanced the product through the addition of different digital interactive technology and experiences which allowed guests to further learn and discover the new creations.

The watch section attracted the crowd through an app that recommended a different watch for each user depending on their lifestyle. The leather section included a live artist making sketches of and for the guests. The jewelry display engaged guests by inspiring them to write wishes on ribbons which later became an accessory. The eyewear section had a hidden photographer taking pictures of people trying on the glasses and later surprising them with their photographs. After dinner, a flash mob opera surprised the attendants even further. Overall, the evening ran course in perfect harmony with both the client and the guests overwhelmed with the amount of detail, creativity and innovation that were included throughout the entire experience.


Lemonjoy created a complete experience rather than just a simple event. It produced a new and unseen scenario from an empty space bringing to life the Cartier’s values. The team made sure to adhere and align with the brand’s standards while maintaining their own sense of creativity, personality and design.

Extensive amounts of planning, designing and logistics were a great part of the event. The whole experience guaranteed a successful outcome for Cartier and therefore build a long-lasting relationship between the brand and its clients.

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