Meticulous details for a luxury dinner

Case Studies: Moet Hennessy, Vip Client Dinner

Luxury Event Management


To create an experience that money can’t buy, for the top 10 clients of Moet Hennessy and their companions. Understanding that attendees have access to top restaurants and experiences.


Host an underground dinner party with a recognized chef whose dinners are only available at pop-up events by purchasing tickets in advance with an unknown location and menu. A customized menu was created to pair each dish with the featured liquors, served in a synchronized meal service.


The evening took place at a distinct art gallery with an impressive exhibition. It was catered to guests of Chinese American descent, so their culture was considered in every detail of the evening, including flower color and seating arrangement. The décor was inspired by merging the two different brands, Hennessy and Dom Perignon and it included a change of color in the room lighting to create a specific ambience for each brand. Branding was strategically placed in key elements, such as the invitation, menus, branded glasses, displays, among others.

The dinner service involved previous rehearsals with the personnel to achieve a perfectly synchronized banqueting service. Guests received their meals at the exact same time in perfect union by having one server for every two people.


The evening turned out to be an intimate, exclusive and elegant experience resulting in increased sales and a strong relationship with the brand.

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