Perfect venue for a yearly seminar

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Revlon Seminar

Perfect Venue for Seminar


Bring international distributors together to discuss and review relevant information about brand updates and new products that will be useful to push sales in the upcoming year.


Yearly event which Lemonjoy has planned and produced since 2016, either in the US or internationally. This 3-day long event is for the distributors to discuss and review yearly performance, campaigns, as well as new product releases and share relevant information about the brand and beauty market. In addition to the conference, dinners and activities are planned for guests to enjoy the city and feel welcomed.


For this yearly seminar, Lemonjoy works hand in hand with Revlon to find the perfect venue involving contract negotiation to secure the best possible rate and concessions. Lemonjoy manages hotel bookings, RSVPs and offers concierge service for all the guests. On the production end, floorplans and detailed renders are always provided to present a complete visual. Additional dinners and activities are organized for the guests to enjoy the city and connect with each other, always making sure to accommodate specific needs or dietary restrictions.


Planning the conference 3 years in a row has given Lemonjoy the chance to produce an improved event each time, resulting in positive feedback and satisfied clients. The number of recurring guests increase annually. Distributors have shown great brand loyalty resulting in increased sales and presence of the Revlon brands in different countries. Lemonjoy keeps striving to maintain a great relationship with the brand and its distributors.

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